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                                                                                                               Lucky Charm

The dragon power with the potency of the naturals stones      

Distillate water, lots of sun (the quartz crystal love sun and above all the light of the daybreak)

The purification it is very important, we suggest each 2 or 3 months  



  • Sun Stone 

                                             Appease the emotional reaction




  • Rock Crystal

                                           Stimulate the balance for all the body 



  • Jade  

                                         Excellent cure for the health




  • Rose Quartz 

     Favourable for Love and fantasy 





  • Amethyst 

                                     Against the sleeplessness and  headache



  • Calcite

                            Against infections and fever



  • Fenix

Knowledge and learning symbol

               Colours available of the stones:  BleuAquamarine and purple (Synthetic stones). There are available only with the chain. 




                  Bleu                        Aquamarine                         purple


  • Synthetic Stones


Aquamarine Colour                                            Grey Colour  


    Rose Colour                                Saphir Colour    



                Price  €

Description With  Cord With  Chain 
Sun Stone  14,60  18,60
Rock Cristal 14,60 18,60
Jade   14,60 18,60
Rose Quartz  14,60 18,60
Amethyst 14,60 18,60
Calcite 14,60 18,60
Fenix Bleu 16,80
Aquamarine 16,80
purple  16,80
Synthetic Stones
Aquamarine Colour 9,50 12,50
Rose Colour  9,50 12,50
Saphir Colour 9,50 12,50
Grey Colour 9,50 12,50

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