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Lucky charm WITH NAME

                  CAT  EGYPTIAN

In the Old Egypt the cat is the essence of the divinity related to the Sun and to the Moon.

It take an efficacious protection.  It is a positive power, it give a protection and send away the negative waves .

  •  Cat  =  money 









  • Dragon =  fortune, success



  • Dolphin =  Freedom


  • Elephant=  patience

  • Turtle longevity

  • Horse =  rapidity

  • Double dolphin= will-power



  • Fairy= sweet dreams


  • Owl= wisdom


  • Swan = elegance  


  • Heart = love cage 


  • Dog=Fidelity 

  • Crocodile=Rage, anger


Lucky charm WITH NAME


With standard necklace 

Price for all type of model: 8,90 € 

Model   colour name (not obligated)  Price EURO 
Heart bleu  Sabrina 8,90

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